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Canada Bear Hunting Camps

You’ll find accommodations at all of our base camps to be clean, comfortable and equipped with modern amenities, including running water, hot showers and indoor toilets.
Canada Bear Hunting Quebec bear hunting

Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve--Rustic cabins with wood stoves, gas burners, there are 4 bear hunters per cabin.

Mastigouche camp will only have 40 black bear hunters in DIY black bear hunting season (this is an UN-Guided black bear hunting camp). This wildlife area is quite large so don't worry about being over hunted. We pre-bait black bear hunting sites to guarantee active baits. Black bear hunters are responsible of their own cooking, transportation to the baitsites, re-baiting and skinning of bears. Mastigouche Reserve has always been very successfull with big Quebec Canada size bears coming into our baits.

Canada Bear hunting camp


quebec bear hunting camp


The kitchen building is private to each party, Equipped with 3 frigerators, 1 oven / stove and an extra gas burner, no mixing with others. In same building, there are 2 separate toilets and showers.

Each bear hunting cabin can sleep comfortably 4 bear hunters. The 2 bear hunting cabins can be rented together for a group of eight or ten can be in black bear hunting camp. This will give you rights to whole Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve ( 1000² mi.).


Multiple camps are also offered, each with their own exclusive areas, ask for availabilities, hunters that hunt an area keep their priorities on following years.

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NEW IN 2017
LaVerendrye Full Guided & Trophy Black Bear Hunting Camp
Only 24 hunters split between guided and trophy black bear hunters.

Accessible from Montreal by the road 117 North. This 4 hour drive is on a paved road, it will lead you directly to bear hunting camp. Also available for those than might like to fly directly in camp, we have a 5000 ft landing strip is just 5 miles away from the camp. Our nice rustic log cabin is secluded located in a remote corner of LaVerendrye wildlife area.. The cabin is a similair to a duplex, separated by a stone wall. This wall has a fireplace on each side. On each side of living quarters there is a nice kitchen, 3 rooms each of 2 beds, 1 shower and 2 toilets per side, 2 screened porches per side to relax.

quebec bear hunting camp, quebec bear hunting guide

LaVerendrye Trophy Camp

One of 2 LaVerendrye Kitchens

Quebec bear hunting camp with landing strip

Landing Strip

Quebec Canada beaar hunting camp

Screened in Porch-LaVerendrye Trophy Camp

The whole reserve cover a wild area of over 13,000 km, as it is a big job to scout an area like this, so for the first year, we'll limit our operation to only 24 hunters in an area between 3 to 4,000 km. because we have EXCLUSIVE Access we set the bear hunting limits for hunters. For over 25 years, we had proven in others reserves keeping pressure on bigger boars helps protect the moose population. The Quebec moose population is growing by the management of black bear hunting. So our mandate is to welcome to Serious Trophy black bear hunters to help us stabalize the wildlife in Quebec.

As always our Guarantee is, you'll get your chance on a shooter or FREE TRIP BACK, IF YOU DON'T SEE A MATURE BEAR, ALSO Guarantee kill for Kids and Ladies, and Seniors.

Our full guided black bear hunt includes everything, all you need is pull the trigger.

We work a year ahead by doing a rough general scouting to well prepared for our spring scouting. As soon as the snow is gone and we can drive the trails, we are putting out bait. We continue this as much as a month prior the arrival of our first black bear hunters. We also taking care of our stands and ground blinds. Checking the stands and blinds to make sure they are safe for this years bear hunters.

Once you arrive in camp, we take care of the field transportation to hunting stands and blinds. We also pick you up bring you back to camp. We lease 4 doors trucks. Accepting small groups at the time, allows us to travel as far as we'll need to harvest Biggest Boars as possible. Our primary goal is the client and a quality trophy bear hunt to remember.. We fresh black bear baits evn to our last group of bear hunters. Everyone has access to virgin area because our wildlife area is so large.. Once you harvest your animal, we will hang it overnight in a big walkin cooler, to save meat and trophy. In the morning we will cut it into quarters or do rough cut or debone it for you.

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We’ve hired a professional chef just for you! You’ll find the three meals a day we serve, delicious and satisfying. These hearty, home-cooked menus include favorites like omelets, pancakes and French toast, along with barbequed chicken, pork chops, roast beef and beef bourguignon and good desserts. Enjoy!
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